Commodum is a not for profit organisation designed to help vulnerable adults and other Social Enterprises and Micro-Enterprises, as well as providing services for vulnerable people.

Commodum Ltd, was started by a group of experienced business people and social enterprise managers to actively support all those involved in providing better outcomes for vulnerable people. Its objectives include the provision of training, development and support services for those who experience difficulties in finding employment and offering hands-on help for other enterprises.

“Social Enterprises and Micro-Enterprises often lack the experience and the tools to maintain a business. At Commodum we are committed to aiding those organisations with real-world business and marketing support so that services can be independent and sustainable.”

Commodum is committed to its objectives:


Commodum exists to provide opportunities for people who might otherwise lead unfulfilled lives or lack the  resources and knowledge to do the things they want to.

Whether that entails training for employment, developing skills for enjoyment or the help to do something currently out of reach, Commodum identifies areas where it can help in a sustainable and valuable way.


Social Enterprises are formed for the right reasons, often saving public money whilst delivering better outcomes. However, specialist business knowledge and enterprise disciplines – vital to any organisation – can be lacking and Commodum offers advice as well as practical services so that these enterprises can concentrate on what they do best.